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Bolton Roofers is a long established group of Roofer in Bolton as well as in Lancashire. We provide the best quality roofing service to our clients whether its your home or large commercial project. We as a team has been working hard to satisfy our valuable clients for 21 years now. We do all sorts of projects when it comes to roofing whether its on your home, an agent you wanna impress or your office. We have our professional team of experts who can offer you the best advice and make a cost effective and fruitful estimation of your project.

It was 1999 when the proud owner of our company has launched a small Roofing Service in Bolton, Greater Manchester. We used to serve our clients around our own location and most of the jobs were small repairing and guttering, and some occasional big projects. As the time passed by our reputation grew and gradually we became giant in the roofing industry from the scratch. Today we have over 50 members in our team and the we are doing multiple projects at a time. 

We are a renowned name in the Bolton Roofing industry. We have made various roofing and roof customization to the well build real estate and the developing companies. We have worked with Duffeer Brothers, Samual Constructions Firm, Acrobat Solutions and several other renowned firm. Having several criteria of roofing experience we are quiet capable of making almost anything possible. Whether you need something simple, stoned finish, marvel finish, customized palate, natural coloring..  you name it and we have done it all.

Our company performs several other service along with general roofing. To know more about our various services, check the service section of the site.

Thanks for taking the time and considering us for your support. Cheers! 

Company Mission

Bolton Roofers has been here for a while now and from day 1 we work by keeping only one goal in our mind and that is “Client Satisfaction”.

We as a team want nothing more than your satisfied smile. Everybody earns money but not everyone can win a heart. Our ultimate goal is to win every persons heart in our neighborhood. Whenever there is in need of a roofer, Our name will be on your mind. That is what drive us and that is what we are working hard to achieve. 

Why Choose Us

We do not do marketing stunts that will blow your mind, rather we believe in quality of work. We are best at what we do and you will not be regretting our service. We provide:

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