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Insurance work

We have worked a lot of insurance work and with the expertise we know how to build a roof to claim your insurance money. By professional work and customization you are guaranteed to get your insurance money with the help of the best Roofers in Bolton.

Lead refurbishment

If your house or office has a lead bay leaking then you don’t need to worry. We have been dealing with these kind of problems for 21 years now. We will have a 3 cote water proofing system that will solve your problem.

Chimney work

Need to clean your chimney or restore any part of it? Roofers Bolton can even give you a total demolition of your chimney and a range of customization.

Local/commercial roofing

This is where Bolton Roofers originally started its journey. We have been Serving our local and commercial clients for over 21 years now. We will undertake all your roofing problems whither at your home or your company.

Regular/tiled roofing

If your roof is regular or already tiled or you want to make a customized tiled roof, any kind of tile/roof repair then Roofer Bolton is your go to option for the best price and advice.

Solar Installation

Bolton Roofers has been installing solar panel on your roof and grounds for about 15 years now. we can give you the best cost effective solar installations in all over England, Period! 

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Felt Roofing

Bitumus membrains is actually the most common form of roofing material for any kind of flat roofing. Aclo roofing is the best you can get. 

We will offer a five yeas guarantee for all new roofs with the Best Roofer in Bolton.

Ridge System

Without using the traditional sand and cement motors we use the Hip Ridge tiles which makes the roofing maintenance free. We can also install GRP Shark Finn valley system for your requirements.

EPDM Rubber roofing

EPDM is used for about 50 years now. It has been a cost effective roof protection for years. We are a registered EPDM rubber roofer and our installations are guaranteed  for at least 30 years.

Liquid Water proofing service

This technique requires a cold breathable liquid to be applied on the on the roof with a seamless perfection. We have been providing this service and Roofing Bolton for over 20 years now.

Roof window installation

Over the years we have satisfied various of our customers by installing various manners of windows in the roofing. Our experts can choose the best installation for you.

Stone Roofing

Our expert professionals can redesign or redo your stoned roof as you desire. We will implement any customization you want including multiple layered stoning.


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We environment is being rude to us at time to time, gutter can usually take place in your roof. We have been solving the gutter problems for 20 years now. We will heal your roof like as new from guttering.

Strip & reslate

We as the best Roofer in Bolton has been re-slating and striping your tiles for years. With our professional service we will install a breathable membrain with galvanized nails and reuse your tiles or customize with new ones if you like.

Roof replacements

Roofer Bolton has been working in the industry for about 21 years now. We have made several new roof and replaces and customized hundreds. We have professional advisors that makes our job easy and gives the best suggestions for any kind of work. With their help your newly made or replaced roof is guaranteed to last for a long period of time!

Roof Survay

Our professional roofers have served for many years and we have a good understanding of whats good for you and your need. We will give you the best advice that will save you some cash as well as providing you the best service!

Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut Edge Corrosion is very rare incident for your roof. But we can give you the best solution when it comes to it. Our 3 layered proofing system will assure your satisfaction.


If you are a land lord or a rental agent that wants to make the best roofing possible than we can offer you the best advice that will fit your budget and a satisfactory wook.


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